Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Reflecting with Peter Bertucci

Peter Bertucci from Lincoln-Way North High School in Frankfort, IL was the First Place Winner of the $500 Scholarship Award (with an additional $250 awarded to his school's art department) in the 2008 Fine Art Finals Illinois High School Scholarship Competition with his 24"x30" charcoal drawing Reflective Moments pictured above. Peter was kind to take part in a brief interview. Here is what he said:

Fine Art Finals: Why do you create art?
What are you trying to say with your art?

Peter Bertucci:
I really enjoy creating art pieces that give the viewer the opportunity to think about what is going on in each scene. The idea is to create a piece in which it portrays a story and I like to capture that story in my artwork.

Fine Art Finals: What are you trying to say with your art?

Peter Bertucci: I am a realistic artist and I try to depict scenes in which the viewer can immerse themselves in the piece and create their own perception of what the story is about.

Fine Art Finals: How long have you been creating art?

Peter Bertucci: I started drawing at the age of 6 years old. So, I have been creating art for 10 years.

Fine Art Finals: Are your family and friends supportive in your pursuit of art?

Peter Bertucci: Yes, I have a very supportive network of family and friends. My parents recognized my artistic ability very early on. My brother, James is also a very accomplished artist. So, we have been developing our skills and abilities for a very long time. Our family and friends are very supportive as well as our community and high school, Lincoln Way East and North of suburban Frankfort, IL.

Fine Art Finals: Are you in an Art Program at your high school? Are you in any art clubs such as Art Honor Society, etc?

Peter Bertucci: Yes, I am currently in the Gifted Art Program at Lincoln Way North High School. I an not currently in any art club. They do not currently have any Art Honor Society at my school.

Fine Art Finals: How has your high school supported you in your pursuit of art?

Peter Bertucci: Lincoln-Way High Schools are extremely supportive of the arts. The teachers are there for hands on support. They assist us in any way possible for us to learn and take our art to the next level.

Fine Art Finals: Do you plan on pursuing art in college? If so, what type of art program or major will you pursue?

Peter Bertucci: I am currently looking into various options and art programs. I am not sure about my art major as of yet, but I know that I will be in an art program.

Fine Art Finals: What is your favorite medium(s) to work in and why?

Peter Bertucci: My favorite mediums are charcoal, pastel and graphite. I like charcoal because of the texture it gives to the piece. I enjoy graphite because of how smooth it lays on the canvas. Pastels are wonderful because you get the opportunity to explore a variety of colors to combine on canvas and the outcome of each piece is amazing!

Fine Art Finals: What is your philosophy and work ethic in creating your art?

Peter Bertucci: I believe that you must be dedicated and willing to put in the hours necessary to create and develop your ability. I personally put in at least 4-5 hours a day into my artwork.

Fine Art Finals: Who is your favorite artist(s) and why?

Peter Bertucci: I like Vincent Van Gogh because of his use of color. I also appreciate many other famous artists for their style and creativity in their artwork.

Fine Art Finals: What artist most influences your work and why?

Peter Bertucci: Michelangelo influences me the most because his paintings portray realism and the great use of color.

Fine Art Finals:
Do you have any other interests beyond art, and if so, what are they and do these interests influence your art?

Peter Bertucci: I enjoy sports. When I participate in a sport activity, it is fun and relaxes me. I don't think it influences my art but it allows me to relax so that when I get back to my artwork, I have a clearer focus and a fresh perspective to my piece.

Fine Art Finals: Is there a specific career path you wish to follow utilizing your artistic talents, and if so, what is your plan for utilizing your artistic skills in the future?

Peter Bertucci: Right now I am focusing on what major in the arts that I might pursue and I know that will lead me to a specific career path.

Fine Art Finals: Have you received any other scholarships to pursue your art education?

Peter Bertucci: No, I have not yet received any (other) scholarships to pursue my art education.

Fine Art Finals: How did you hear about Fine Art Finals Scholarship Competitions?

Peter Bertucci: I found out about your competition from by high school counselor.

Fine Art Finals: How has winning or placing in Fine Art Finals Scholarship Competitions helped you?

Peter Bertucci: It has allowed me the opportunity to be judged on my abilities with fellow artists around the region and it gives me the chance to improve my skills to better myself.

Fine Art Finals: What advice would you give other student artists?

Peter Bertucci: I would recommend that they continue to pursue their art interests. Sign up for art classes, if available at their school or private lessons in their communities. Dedication and always striving to be and do their best is important. It takes work and discipline and you can have fun but always focus on taking your interests to the next level. Try new things with your art. Your expression in your artwork is your signature or your statement of who you are-go for it!

Fine Art Finals: Is there any relation between you and 2009 West/Southwest Collegiate Honorable Mention James Bertucci from the Laguna College of Art and Design in California?

Peter Bertucci: Yes, James Bertucci is my oldest brother. I also have a brother Joe, who is 18. James started drawing at age 3. He is a National Award Winning Artist and he has been very supportive of my work. Our family works together as a team to enhance our art talent. My mother's family had artistic talent and she saw our abilities from very early on and focused attention to it. Our parents did not push art on us but encouraged us to pursue the use of our talents. I am not sure as yet if I will attend Laguna College of Art and Design. Right now, I am exploring my options at this point.

Fine Art Finals: Thank you Peter. Congratulations again and we wish you continued success!