Thursday, October 21, 2010

Interview with Kelly Robinson

Kelly Robinson from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in Illinois was an Honorable Mention of the $50 Scholarship Award in the 2009 Fine Art Finals Midwest Regional Scholarship Competition with her jewelry Inner Tube Bracelet pictured above. Kelly was kind to take part in a brief interview. Here is what she said:

Fine Art Finals: Why do you create art?

Kelly Robinson:
It is what I love to do, and I believe I was born to do it.

Fine Art Finals: What are you trying to say with your art?

Kelly Robinson: Humor and beauty are all around us.

Fine Art Finals: How long have you been creating art?

Kelly Robinson: Since age 4-5 .

Fine Art Finals: Are your family and friends supportive in your decision to pursue art?

Kelly Robinson: Yes, they encourage me and like to show off some of my work to their friends at times.

Fine Art Finals: What is your area of concentration in art (commercial art, fine art, art history, etc) and why?

Kelly Robinson: Metals and jewelry-fine craft. It is a wonderful medium to work with.

Fine Art Finals: What was the deciding factor in choosing the school you are attending (attended)?

Kelly Robinson: I was awarded a special stipend with no work requirements for the first year, and it was close to home.

Fine Art Finals: What is your major?

Kelly Robinson: Metalsmithing.

Fine Art Finals: Why did you choose the specific art program you chose at your school?

Kelly Robinson: Because of the background I already had in the medium.

Fine Art Finals: What is your favorite medium(s) to work in and why?

Kelly Robinson: It's really hard to choose just one, but if I could afford to work primarily in gold I would.

Fine Art Finals: What is your philosophy and work ethic in creating your art?

Kelly Robinson: Work hard, play hard. Experiment, take risks, try not to be afraid to fail.

Fine Art Finals: Who is your favorite artist(s) and why?

Kelly Robinson: There not one, but I really like pop art.

Fine Art Finals: What artist most influences your work and why?

Kelly Robinson: No one specific artist, Roy Lichtenstein is great.

Fine Art Finals: Do you have any other interests beyond art; what are they and do these interests influence your art?

Kelly Robinson: I played roller derby just before beginning graduate school, having a sport or physical activity is always a plus. I love growing veggies in my garden as well.

Fine Art Finals: Is there a specific career path you wish to follow utilizing your artistic talents, and if so, what is your plan for utilizing your artistic skills in the future?

Kelly Robinson: Selling a line of jewelry, and teaching.

Fine Art Finals: How do (did) you support yourself financially while attending college?

Kelly Robinson: 100% student loans, and stipend.

Fine Art Finals: Have you received any other financial assistance (Scholarships, Fellowships, Grants, etc) to pursue your education?

Kelly Robinson: Yes, I received a Competitive Graduate Award from my school SIUE, it has been a blessing. Full tuition waiver, plus monthly stipend award.

Fine Art Finals: How did you hear about Fine Art Finals Scholarship Competitions?

Kelly Robinson: From my professors at SIUE.

Fine Art Finals: How has winning or placing in Fine Art Finals Scholarship Competitions helped you?

Kelly Robinson: It has given my work great exposure and the award money has helped me purchase art supplies.

Fine Art Finals: What advice would you give other student artists?

Kelly Robinson: Do your best, research and experiment... as long as it continues to help you grow then it is fun

Fine Art Finals: Thank you Kelly. Congratulations again, and we wish you continued success!